Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011


Holiday is here!

I stayed back for 2 weeks for trip to Penang, capoeira training and batizado, and lastly trip to Singapore before going back to Indonesia. But now, yeah! I'm home!

Last month was though! All the stress and pressure for finals and batizado, going through a break up, and an idea of how looks matters; no stress-zits, good hair, bright eyes, etc. But due to over-think, I became even more stress. My face turned red due to infection, hair dried up, sun-burnt skin. Low-self esteem attack! I even suffered from anxiety. *sigh


So the first day I'm in Indonesia, I spent the whole day at salon and spa. I got my hair straightened again, meni-pedi, scrub, massage; everything from head to toe. Sounds as a good start of enjoying holiday, yes? Holiday is to feel relax. Recharge. But for me, it wouldn't be complete without the feeling of being home. You know, where you feel belong and will always be accepted for who you are, where you can be 100% of yourself, where your heart is. And i'm home. I feel glad and happy. I believe this super long holiday is gonna be a good one.

Sastya :)