Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

Phillip Lim Mini Pashli : Why Is It a Must Have?

Phillip Lim may have introduced the Pashli series for the A/W 2012, which is years ago, but I only now I feel the need to write the reasons why everyone should get themselves at least 1 Mini Pashli after I got my 4th bags since the first one in 2013.

 photo 2fc84c93-bc30-4449-9425-0778711f4bb1.jpg
1.  It’s actually very light!

My first ever Pashli comes in Cobalt in medium size. I was all over big handbags, and I thought a Pashli would be better if it comes in the larger size too. But I was (slightly) wrong. Everything else was perfect, except the weight of the bag. It was heavy for a medium-sized sling bag, and way too heavy for a handbag. Sure it would be nice if you just put it on the chair next to you at the restaurant, but I would not bring it for a shopping day. Uh uh!

I was introduced to the Mini Pashli by my sister as she wanted to exchanged the Pashli with a darker color, so I got myself another Cobalt Pashli in Mini. I put my essentials, the same thing as I put in the Medium Pashli and other bags, and holy moly! I felt nothing, in a good way! It is very comfortable to walk around with. The strap holds the bag perfectly and stays on the shoulder. It feels like the weight on my shoulder has been lifted, fashionably. ;)

2. It’s stuurdddyyy

Okay so maybe everyone has talked about it somewhere somehow. Phillip Lim chose this shark-pattern embossed leather for the signature pashli and it is somehow the best idea ever. The leather is so thick (maybe that’s why it’s abit heavy for the larger sizes) and scratches free. I’ve used my bags in the tube, to the market, on the bus without feeling insecure that someone or something gonna leave a scratch on it. And really my bag is still in the perfect condition even until now.

The side of the bags may bend, but in the general pashli holds its shape. This is the kind of bag that you can re-shape just with paper fillings. My pashli has been in the bottom of my luggage, crunched and what not, but I always manage to bring back the shape effortlessly. Who doesn’t love this kind of bag?

3. Comes in a perfect size and style

Personally, I’ve tried quite a lot of small bags in my life (at least I think) and I have a reason why I had a period when I HATE small bags; its size. Most bags I’ve seen is either too small or too big. I wanted a small sling bag that doesn’t hurt my shoulder yet fits everything I need; wallet, phones, small beauty case and a power bank. The Mini Pashli magically fits everything, and leave a space too! When I first came to London, I brought everything said above plus an umbrella. And so I knew, from that day onward, the Mini Pashli would be my go-to bag.

Another reason for it being my go-to bag is the style. The Mini Pashli can transform from a casual bag with its strap on and zipper down, to a more classic one without the strap and its zipper pulled up. Love love love!

4. It’s affordable (for a designer bag)

Some may say it is, some may say it is not. Let’s just agree to disagree. If you compare 3.1 Phillip Lim to Michael by Michael Kors or Kate Spade, okay maybe it is a little bit more expensive. But in general, I think this Pashli series is considered an affordable bag from a high-end designer. The Mini costs only about $695 (and the Medium $895) and so far I can’t find any other designer bags this good, this stylish, and this practical within the same price range.

5. Comes in every shade of the rainbow

I love the size, the weight, and the quality, so what else, right? Well, Pashli comes in every color possible. Black, many shades of blue, many shades of red, neutrals, pastels, you name it. It is totally the bag for every occasion and outfit. My Phillip Lim Mini Pashli in Cobalt has been the everyday bag because of its color. I can’t tell why, but it seems Phillip Lim himself has discovered the perfect shade of Cobalt. It just blends in with everything. The Crimson Red is also not bad, but I usually use it for that dark colors day. I can’t decide on what color should I get next but I think the fuschia pink is soooo prettyyy! (*hint hint! anyone?*)

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If you are looking for the perfect small bag for everyday use, I really recommend getting a Mini Pashli bag. It won’t break your bank but will last you a long time. I am sure you will love it!

Have one on your own? Let me know if you’re agree ;)


Sas Wardani