Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Looking Forward

I'm currently in the middle of my final exam and I wish I could just go home. Maybe that's what has been on my mind for the past few days, especially after my third paper. The last one, which has a 6-days gap, is the hardest yet I already feel tired of being underpressure and stressed for the past one month. And I really can't wait to enjoy my holiday, going back to the beloved metropolitan city, Jakarta.

However, I try my best and try so hard to survive for this one. And I thought doing the thing I love the most could help. Since I know I can't really enjoy places outside Sunway area, I decided to put in literal "dressing up for myself" and dragged my little sister for a short photo taking session. 

 photo cca20157-9ef7-4aea-b423-60f18d118d9b.jpg  photo 478c193d-041d-43f9-8f9b-5a31b0bbe0ec.jpg

I can say this post features everything new, from head to toe, from my shopping breaks in between studies during my SWOT Vac and exam period. I was trying so hard to hide all the tags, I hope I succeeded in this :)

 photo b780ae73-5e57-439d-8b32-e9936c7e999a.jpg  photo fedb301c-d6dc-43d4-a4c4-867b545caad3.jpg

I love this outwear from BerryBenka I got a month ago. The drapery effect when I wear it is just perfect, though I had doubt when I ordered it. But it turns out great!

 photo 9709adbb-0ec6-4068-b3b5-938be25c7130.jpg  photo ade23cc2-ef7a-4cf4-8ab6-14dd4a9f11a3.jpg  photo 2b2cee27-8012-4bf8-bc2d-042ddbd21020.jpg
Top - New Look, Outwear - BerryBenka, HW Pants - New Look, Ring - Forever 21, Bangle - Cartier, Watch - Guess, Cluth - H&M

 photo 2c95afe3-d222-43ba-9b83-6974a1ac0242.jpg

And oh, about this wedges! I saw this almost 6 months ago from Vinci and I love it at the first sight. It feels very comfortable, and the straps make it looks edgy. The colors combination is just nice; the combination I usually wear. However, I had to let it stay on the racks as I have bought a pair on the same week, which led me to regrets as I didn't see the pair on the week after. I had to see it at VNC Jakarta with ridiculous price (I can tell you, the Vinci here has better prices), before then I see it again at Vinci, on 50% sale! Yes ladies and gentlemen, 50%! I guess good things come to those who wait :p

By the way, wish me luck on this last paper! I really need those mark.

PS : keep reading for an update on my giveaway! *real eyes realize real lies*

Sastya Wardani