Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

All Grown Up

Your sibling is your first friend in the world, and will always be your friend until the end.

I've been trying to accept the fact that my sister is all grown up and is going to move to Sunway soon for her foundation year. She looks more mature with side swept dark wavy hair, talks all about make-ups, goes to parties. It just seems like yesterday when she sent me the picture of her first day of senior high school, showing off her white-grey school uniform. Time flies fast.

Looking back at the pictures of family trip to Jogja last December, I can see my little cousin has grown up too! He used to be the "anak bawang" among us, now he is the tallest, even taller than my brother. In every family gathering we look at him in wonder how could he grew that tall.

We did a little photo shoot at great grandparent's yard. Here are a few photos of my little sister and my "little" cousin.



Unbranded top - Mangga Dua, Stripe skirt - Forever21, Necklace - Sarinah keraton

I think i have missed a lot since I left home.

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