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A Day Out with Estée Lauder

“Sweet dreams are made of these…who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas…everybody’s looking for something…” and I was definitely looking for the perfect make-up for a day out!

Over the years, I have tried numerous make-up products but I have not managed to find just the right balance needed for my sensitive and acne-prone skin. Lo and behold, and after a couple of hours of searching on the internet – you know, we girls can multi-task – I decided to test out something different from Sephora! To be fair, it has been quite tiring to search and try different types of make-up, and hoping that it will suit my sensitive skin, but I was totally bought by the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make-up and High Cover Concealer!

This remarkable lasting, yet lightweight makeup wears comfortably up to 15 hours, even in high humidity. Won’t smudge or come off on clothes. Oil-free. Fragrance-free. Non-acnegenic.”

Which girl does not love shopping at Sephora? And, plus, who can resist the discounts available with the Sephora Black Card? Sephora has a large variety of products ranging from foundation, bb cushion, to concealers. I decided to purchase the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make-up in 3CO Cool cream and the High Cover Concealer in 2C Light/Medium on hope to make myself look irresistibly gorgeous, and, of course, to tempt my boyfriend to bring me out on a date! #wishfulthinking

There have been times when I have gone on a shopping spree - and later had a shock when I saw my bank balance – in search for a suitable solution to my sensitive skin but ended up with make-up products that made my acne problems worse and even caused itchiness! It was like Meghan Trainor was telling me: “My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no, you need to let it go!” But, obviously, I could not let it go and I decided to try the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make-up in 3CO Cool cream, which came in a glass bottle with an open cap that definitely made it easier to pour out. Although, depending on how careful you are, it does run the risk of applying too much. The texture had a powdery feeling, was very liquid and settled pretty quickly. Despite having a very light coverage, which does not cover one’s blemishes or acne scars perfectly, it has a very smooth matte finish, which makes a great base for concealers and other types of make-up. And, what’s the best part? The foundation works really well, even without a primer. First thing that came to my mind, "I think I just found the best foundation for my skin!" 

The concealer came in a pot and required a brush (or your trusty finger) for application. There is a mirror attached to the cover, so it’s very convenient. It does have a very high coverage, just like its name. It covers everything perfectly and hides any flaws that the foundation may miss out! So to me, it balances out the light coverage from the foundation. I really love the finishing of this combination. It covers all the flaws without feeling putting on too much on the skin. The texture also makes it easy to blend, so mixing the two different colors requires no effort. 

Now, ladies, you must be thinking to yourself, should I save money and just use one and not the other? That’s possible but I would recommend having the best of worlds. The light coverage of the foundation and the high coverage of the concealer, allows me to fool others into thinking that I have perfect skin. What’s even better? It also makes other make-up sit perfectly on the application.

Well, after all the troubles I have had with make-up, I decided to put Estée Lauder’s products to the final test whilst I was on a day out in Kuala Lumpur. Given the humid and hot weather, it was not surprising that my skin was oily but to be honest, I did not expect much. I had done my make-up at 10.30am and by 11.30pm, I did not even have to make any touch-ups! Yes, none! Hooray, three cheers for Sas! I am thrilled with how the foundation makes even my powder stay, especially, since I have been using the same powder for some time now and other make-up products tend to make it smudge on my clothes – yes, I might get to go shopping for new clothes, but it’s not really worth it!

The matte finish lasts for quite long and another reason why I did not have to do any touch-ups was because my skin still looked matte-ish even at the end of the day. The foundation has a SPF 10 and the concealers an SPF 35, so I was worried that it would not be photo-friendly – who doesn't love taking selfies or ootd right? – with all the light-reflected formula. But guess what? Yes, I was snapping away as I did not experience this issue with the Estée Lauder Double Wear. The product is definitely great for keeping your skin safe under sun, and for taking pictures at the same time! 

Some of you might be wondering, is it really non-acnegenic? Well, good news for you! I ended up going back at 4am that day - thanks to Genting for being so irresistible - and I couldn't wait to see what it's done to my skin. When I took off my make-up, I was surprised that it really didn't affect my skin. I put acne cream on a few pimples I got that day and the whole foundation and concealer let it heal, just like how it is when I stay at home with nothing but acne cream! When I woke up in the morning, I can see my skin was clearer and I had no new acne. For someone with a very sensitive skin like me, you know it really matters! Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make-up and Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place High Cover Concealer are really the best foundation and concealer for acne-prone skin. 

The next time you’re at Sephora, make sure you grab these make-up products for yourself but if you feel like having a lazy Sunday, Sephora’s website is a click away! 

Sas Wardani

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