Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

aztec rainbow




Classes have started, and I have become a super busy nerdy. Tired after class, woke up late, crazy over books. It's like no time for my blog, even for myself. First week was terrible, but I'm working it in the second week. Have started to go back to gym, and do more fun things. Joined to the dance club and capoeira also, things I've been loving long time.

BTW, my super housemate, Siti Nurulain Kamis has gone back to Singapore. I'm so sad, and more, I'm so touched with the postcard she left me. I never knew I am the person she described on the postcard. You are such a best friend of mine, Sitz. Even I could have a great conversation with you in a silence (especially when I got broken-heart attack and emoness). Come back soon!

Tank-Unbranded, Shawl-DIY, Skirt-Forever21


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  1. Love your skirt!! I am in love with any tribal print pieces :) So perfect for Summer!

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  2. wow just found your blog
    love it!
    check out my new post
    would love to have you as a reader

  3. Love this outfit; gorgeous skirt!!

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