Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Future Reader

I have dreams. Big dreams. But as we all know, there will always a time when you forget about what you've been dreaming of and just enjoy you laziness. I have too. Or maybe a time where you get a chance to start fight for your dream but you decide to postponed for a while. I have too. But most of us never remember about one thing, it is important to still fight for your dream while enjoying your life. There are rarely second chances so if you miss one out, maybe, maybe, you will never get one again.

I have this new friend at campus. A friend that I admire so much in making decision to fight for a dream. He showed me that if you're really willing to get it, then you'll get it. And so start from now on, on hope to be what I always want, I'm taking all chances I could get. Okay, not all, but most of it. Make a small step is better than not walking at all right? I'm teaching myself to be big and bold. Encourage myself to really make all my dreams come true. You know, your biggest enemy is yourself. So beat yourself up!




Flower tank-unbranded, skirt-(x)sml, Bag-ChatChat, Boots-Forever21, Headband and bangles-CottonOn

Good Luck,

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  1. cute headband <3
    nice boots anyway :D


  2. oh you have a very nice and interesting blog!! I like your blog :)
    mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)
    i love your bracelet

  3. pretty turban and beautiful skirt put together with them boots <3