Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

Welcome to the club 20s!

Last friday was by birthday. And yes I'm officially 20 now, no longer a teenager. I don't really know what I feel, it's like a combination of excited and scared. I'm excited of what to comes, yet scared of the responsibilities that come with it.

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However, I'm so grateful for the opportunities and bless I receive until today. Everything is just great. I'm surrounded by loving families, great true friends and also a caring boyfriend. Studies have been simply satisfying, and everything just seems like fall to its place, nicely.

And to start my 20s, I've came up with list of changes to come. And the first is to change my blog header. Scroll up if you have not noticed! :D I would work hard on my blog as well, so I can share what I like the most with more people. Take better pictures, learn English for the sake of better grammar, learn photography, maybe take a fashion photography class. Though I know I might not pursue fashion as my career, but looking at the degree of stress I would face in my (hopefully) future career as a banker (thousand Amens), I think this could be the best place to de-stress. 

The list does not stop there. It is surely going to be an extremely long post if I write here one by one. But I have swore to myself, my 20s would be the best decade ever!


Sastya Wardani

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