Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Black and White

Hello lovelies,

My weeks have been busy,exciting but also tiring lately. From assignments due, to short trip to my hometown for the weekend, until the days I spent here in Malaysia without internet. And final exam period is coming soon so I guess I would face the sleepless nights soon. However, it also means that I'll be home (again) very soon! So excited to see my little miss Pixie running around the house.

I should stop talking (or writing) before I bore you to dead. Here are the pictures I took few weeks back with my secretly talented photographer/housemate, featuring the in-trend black and white stripes. I just love how the pattern can simply emphasize my body shape, no matter if it is horizontally or vertically. On of the best item to have this season!

 photo 6c4693e5-fe53-4209-a9aa-a02b5a9ec06e.jpg  photo bb3b9af8-f3a5-44cc-864b-6cac39106ee9.jpg  photo a23571e8-1eaa-4955-8bb9-673e90dd978c.jpg  photo df3b5bd5-23a3-461a-b942-6834f6208aa2.jpg 
Cap - Rainbow Spell
 photo 0535fb7c-f66c-4816-bfe4-95f9e0f5e449.jpg 
Dress - New Look, Arm Candies - H&M
 photo df6c36c4-edd9-40e8-b2e4-12a4a4053dc1.jpg
Shoes - Charles & Keith

Love love,
Sastya Wardani

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