Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Hello Again

Hello again, Kuala Lumpur! Long time no see. How are you?

After 4 months of no weekend in Kuala Lumpur, I finally came back to this city. First thing I did was to visit the KLCC, just like any other tourist. Sunday might be a day where families go out and shop at malls. Not surprised, KLCC was extremely crowded. After making a small round, I decided to leave to Pavilion instead. However, I managed to take some pictures at the KLCC park. Yayness!

 photo 8F38BF95-8CB9-4694-B9D5-57FE5AAEEDAA-7427-00000636483DAD37.jpg  photo 9BAB2679-0A03-4CE2-84C5-04585DA4443A-7427-000006364BE748E9.jpg  photo BB4480F5-6971-449C-A7A7-85392596F0B5-7427-000006364F699430.jpg
Top : Magnolia - Cardigan : Fblock - Pants : Bershka - Shoes : Cotton On - Bag : Gucci - Necklace : XSML - Sunnies : Rayban

The sun shone too bright I could not look up to the camera. My cardigan for the cold LRT aircon turned in to a cover under the sun. It was a good day though.

 photo DAE65A48-303C-420D-A032-05A8F6DB2FC6-7427-000006365EA5BC5F.jpg
Companion of the day, my sister

Ended the trip with late-lunch-early-dinner-but-not-tea time at Ben's Pavilion. We tried my sister's favorite spot on the terrace. I thought it was going to be all smoke, but not, it was a really great place to enjoy Kuala Lumpur weather in the afternoon.

 photo F06A3BAC-B0EB-4C90-B877-AE95138DEB33-7427-00000636566D9AD2.jpg
Yayness to boyfriend who gladly follows you on a shopping day!

Sastya Wardani

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