Senin, 29 April 2013

What I Wear Fashion Blogger Gathering

My weekend was great I must say! I have been feeling a little bored and not excited about my daily routine and just in time I got my way back to what I love; fashion. An invitation to meet up with lovely bloggers in Malaysia is something I am really grateful for. As first, I'm not very active in blogging (but I am trying :)), and second, I don't think I can inspire people like they do. 

However, I came to the place where they asked me to come to, out of curiosity. I really wanted to know them more and maybe gain some knowledge in maintaining such fashion blog. It was a great time, and they are really amazing. We had talks, picture taking sessions, and activities to build a community of fashion and art in general. 

Anyway, in case you might wondering, WhatIWear is a fashion community based in Indonesia. It is a platform to inspire and be inspired, where blogger and fashion lovers all over the world would meet. I already fall in love with their vision, totally! Keep in touch and check my blog more often to find out more what WhatIWear.

Beware : prepare your eyes for lots of pictures! :) Thought some might be blurry as this girl right here did not bring her camera. *sob

  photo f5426e99-fa04-46d5-9f84-c00656114388.jpg

 photo 9B4F2B3A-297F-4833-A5EE-8D9596CC8BB9-3064-0000021A15C2FDA4.jpg  photo BB19ADC0-F0EC-4D6B-94E2-6CFDED9529D7-3064-00000219EE5D6909.jpg  photo 67F727CF-8517-4E31-A434-7A8492EF6DEE-3064-0000021A963B38A5.jpg
with Spellman Choy
 photo 24720CCB-210B-4194-AA23-0B7EBE917531-3064-0000021A7AD6A45A.jpg
With Mr. Brian See
 photo 9672C0D0-6BF9-41BA-81AB-9FD5843BA75A-3064-0000021B1F5DB854.jpg
With the  cute Yien Ting photo A59BFF64-74B4-4738-9736-B70D59A3EF52-3064-0000021AD40D1EBE.jpg
 photo 967D880C-AD0E-45A3-923A-800C72C6926B-3064-0000021AC9F167EC.jpg
With Lisa Ameera :) photo DA5B6107-1C9B-443C-88E1-667CF57E9BDB-3064-0000021A6735A794.jpg
Chuii :)
 photo 762004E2-FBF6-4576-AF89-BE63CB3F9D43-3064-0000021A5D3EC3C2.jpg
Tyler Lim and Max
 photo D1EFD703-DC5D-436D-9027-02275207DE69-3064-0000021A1B7C3E49.jpg

 photo 1159E09D-0FA1-48C9-9457-D8F5FE326AF9-3064-0000021A39AA059F.jpg

It was really a nice day! I can not wait for something like this, again :)

Sastya Wardani

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