Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

The Start of Something New

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I'm back after a month holiday in Indonesia, where the internet is either running slow or not working at all. School starts only in March but I had to come earlier to settle my visa. Yes, I still don't have my visa yet. After all these 6 months of waiting and suffering, they decided to finally do the endorsement. Before I left Indonesia, I thought this endorsement process would be very easy and relieving. But I was wrong. The first hour I put my feet on Malaysia's ground, the whole chaos has decided to haunt me. I spent 3 hours at the airport's immigration office as I didn't prepare my flight ticket back. I did have the plan when to come back, but not the ticket. I don't want to blame anyone here, but I was just following my school's order. Yet when I called the international student service officer, I got not help or assistance on what to do. It was the longest 3 hours of my life. Glad I have upgrade my skill in typing on my touch-screen phone secretly, and I managed to message my sister to buy me a ticket home. I just couldn't spend another minute there. It was scary. And people there give this frightening feeling. No words could describe how I felt that time. 

The whole chaos didn't stop there. The next day I found out few major changes in the rules which I wasn't informed. I had been trying to know any updates throughout my holiday by emailing them, calling, even I had to whatsapp them, which I would rather not to, in other circumstances. Yet nothing was told. I thought the 6 months I have spent would be a waste. I thought I had to repeat the whole application process and would be stuck for another 6 months. 

Ended up I didn't have to. Through few arguments and pointing-fingers, I managed to get someone settle all the matters for me.

But I am still upset. I just have never felt trapped and helpless before. It felt like as if I was in a jail, but there was no bars or  walls around me. I had to be cautious all the time just in case there's a police or a road block or something. No, I wasn't an illegal student here. But not having my passport with me while I'm in other country, especially without a proper visa, I could not prove my good intention of staying here. 

Anyways, what has been done is done. So glad this would be my last sem here (hopefully, and I will make it my last sem). I can't wait to move to a colder country for my postgraduate degree. Better, to a country with better and more effective student visa application procedures. I'm so excited for that, my outfits lately has been very cold-weather friendly. 

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Hat - Cotton On, Necklace - New Look, Top - New Look, Skirt - Kitschen, Bracelets - H&M, Ring - YSL, Shoes - Charles & Keith

Till the next time!

Sastya Wardani

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