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I wanted to cheat by changing the post date to last weekend since I missed my own "weekly favorite" post, but I decided not to. So here it is my late "weekly favorite" update!

I always collect informations and compare few sources before I decide what to buy, what to get, where to go, and stuffs like that. I know it is very troublesome, but I think students like us would need that, especially living in an environment that forces us to be a better buyer/consumer. However, I worry no more, because I have found a website that can help me with this deals, COMPARE HERO! As a finance student, I really think a website like this is very helpful. Not only to help me decide on good deals, but also help me to realize finance is not 100% boring. It is everywhere. And reaching a financial goals is not an impossible thing to do. 

Chris Sheward from Compare Hero has helped me with this special post on how to save money, and of course how a comparison site like Compare Hero can lessen the burden. :)

Top 5 fun ways to save money 
Saving money can be one of the most difficult things to do especially if there are so many pretty little things from Zara, Forever 21, Mango; the list is endless really. So how do you manage to keep some extra cash if you are constantly tempted to splurge 

Have financial goals, it won’t hurt  
Financial goals; sounds fancy right? Start off by asking yourself what exactly it is you are saving for, maybe it is for a trip to go to an exotic island or that fancy Burberry bag? 
Thereafter, move on to drawing a timeline of your expectations from yourself.  This will be your motivation if temptations seem to be getting the best of you.  
Make sure that you have your goals on a piece of paper; if it is inked down it is hard to forget. Now that that is done, let the saving begin! 

Start saving as soon as NOW! 
Procrastination is a vice and the minute you start thinking that you will wait until you earn more money - kill that thought right there. 
Start from saving as little as 10 percent of your total earnings, it may not seem like much but it will make a huge difference.  
Waiting for the day you earn more will only lead you to waiting for a long time. It is a proven fact that the more each person earns, the higher their expenses. So ladies, the time is NOW! 

Eat out and hang out with friends 
My boyfriend and I decided to stop having food delivered to our doorstep – with all those tips and extra delivery costs we had to bear, our laziness was certainly not paying off.  
Not only do we now enjoy quality time out, we also have an excuse to have a good meal with all our friends where we all always end up sharing costs.  

A little reward every now and then will do 
Iyou can manage to stick to your saving plan, you definitely deserve a reward; take it as motivation to achieving the bigger goal. Rewards make the journey more delightful, so why not indulge? You certainly deserve it for getting so far. 

Make the internet your new BFF 
Ok, ok, this does not mean that you have to forget about all your girlfriends but the internet is a place where you can find all the financial tricks and this includes financial comparison sites which will help you save heaps on credit cards, debit cards, phone and broadband plans. 
Not only will comparison sites save you money, they will save you time – after all you have a social life to keep up with.  

All in all, saving is not easy, it takes time, practice and tremendous self control – the trick is to stop thinking of it as a chore – make it your new hobby and you will be surprised at how fun it can be. The best part is discovering unconventional ways of getting to where you want to be financially. Good luck!  

Sastya Wardani

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