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Current Favorite : Bare Minerals Powder and Sephora Kabuki Brush


Today I am going to write a review of my last week's purchase at Sephora; Bare Minerals Loose Powder and Sephora 2in1 Kabuki Flex Brush. Loose powder and kabuki brush have been on my list since forever, until last week I decided to get it from Sephora. 

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If you are looking for a middle range price loose powder and kabuki brush, these two could be your first choice. Bare Minerals Loose Powder is priced RM 109 while the Kabuki Flex is priced RM 69.

#1 Bare Minerals

This is simply my favorite because of its effect to the skin. It seems like it doesn't add up another layer of make up, yet it hold the whole make up perfectly. Its translucent finishing touch is just what you need for the perfect flawless make up.

The powder comes in 2 kinds; mineral veil and the spf25. If you are the type of person that applies sun block before your make up, then the mineral veil is good enough. But if you don't, better take the one with SPF 25. Better to protect your skin, right? The powder is very sheer and ideal for all skin tones. It also absorbs oil and cover up imperfections, such as lines and pores. Packaging wise, the powder comes pretty handy. It is not to big, totally can fit in your beauty case.

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#2 Kabuki Brush

To be honest, I bought it because of its cuteness. I am obsessed with pink, so I know this is the right brush for me. However, I am not disappointed. It is made of natural goat's fur, very soft and smooth. I don't feel anything when I'm applying powder using this brush. Its fullness and denseness are just perfect for such a small brush, giving a heavier make up coverage for such a sheer powder like Bare Minerals. The angle made it even better when it comes to applying make up.

This is a 2 in 1 brush for a reason. You can open it like a book, and it becomes a blush brush. It might not be the best blush brush due to its length and thickness when it is opened, but it is very handy when you are traveling and prefer not to bring a lo of brush.

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Hope this review is helpful for you. See you another time.

Sastya W 

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