Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

bright future


Second day of orientation, I started the day with more hopes and smiles in a belief that my future will be bright. I was so excited even thought I know the orientation would be bloody boring, but I just can't help to meet more new course mate and maybe seniors. As they say, gotta know the enemy to win the war, and in this case, my enemy is the campus itself.
"I have to graduate in 3 years"


I took out my colorful outfits I could spotted from my big wooden box of unfolded clothes and combined it all together to fit the summer outfit-code. My mood, at the same time, was represented by the colors of summer; so bright and happy. Went off for school left my room super messy as I was busy smiling in front of the mirror. Man, I'm in love with university life :p

Yeah maybe you will say it's too early for me to say that, but I believe with love we can do it love. So I have to win the battle with huge love I've started to gather since the first day ever. I have to do this for my bright future :D

Tank - Cotton On, Outwear - UpLine Closet, Shorts - Apee

Sastya :)

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